Terms and conditions


Travel Consortium Ticketing Service Fees for ITA (Independent Ticketing agents) – 2015.
Issueing of domestic ticket if reservation was made by ITA R50.00
Issueing of domestic ticket if reservation was made by Travel Consortium consultant R150.00
issueing of International ticket if reservation was made by ITA R100.00
Issueing of International ticket if reservation was made by Travel Consortium consultant R200.00
Re-issue of domestic ticket R50.00
Re-issue of International ticket R100.00
Revalidation of domestic ticket R50.00
Revalidation of International ticket R100.00
Refund of domestic ticket R50.00
Refund of International ticket R100.00
EMD for domestic reservation R50.00
EMD for International reservation R100.00
Car Hire for domestic reservation R50.00
Car Hire for International reservation R100.00
Accommodation for domestic reservation R50.00
Accommodation for International reservation R100.00
After hours fee R350
1. Payment
a) Payment for the reservations must be immediate.
b) Company lodge card or passenger credit card must be accompanied by CCCF and
copy of the back and front of the credit card, prior to tickets being issued.
 c) EFT payments – no tickets will be issued unless the money reflects in our bank account.
2. Service Fees
a) The service fees will be invoiced at the end of each month.
b) Payment for the service fees must be done within 5 working days of receiving the invoice.



It is recorded that IATA and BSP issue their “AGENT BILLING ANALYSIS” between the 1st and 5th of every month. Only once the refund reflects on the “AGENT BILLING ANALYSIS” will the refund processing start.

All airline or BSP/IATA refunds will be released 30 days subsequent to the receipt of the BSP “AGENT BILLING ANALYSIS” unless additional complications arise in which instance the refund period could increase to 60 days. There will be additional service fees for the processing of refunds which amount will be at the discretion of Investor Travel and/or Travel Consortium.

No refunds will be released unless all the following are completed and/or adhered to:

  1. Refunds will only be done back to the card holder or traveler directly and not to any third party.
  2. Should the traveller authorise payment back to the agent a letter confirming this will be needed with the travellers signature, letterhead, copy of passport and banking details.
  3. Proof of banking account to be supplied and only a cancelled cheque or bank letter will be accepted.
  4. All discrepancies be resolved between the agent, client and Investor travel/Travel Consortium

Investor Travel website terms and conditions apply to Travel Consortium clients as well and can be obtained from www.investortravel.co.za